EV Speakers (Pair)


Rated at 120 watts apiece at 8 Ohms. They do show some wear, with some minor scratches and dings throughout. The grill cloth is in good shape on both speakers.

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The Electro-Voice SL10-2V is a 15 Degree slanted baffle two-way, high-efficiency speaker system. Its primary intended application is for high-quality surround sound in small and medium premium cinema installations.It has been designed for high-power digital surround sound requirements using high-quality, professional-level components such as a high-frequency 100O x 90Ohorn/driver and 10-inch woofer. the sleek black-vinyl enclosure with a black cloth grille attached with four screws has been to blend into most interior design concepts. A third-order (18-db-per-octave)crossover at 1,500 Hz is used to combine the two frequency sections and provide the system equalization while achieving the best directivity response both on and off axis.